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Foto taget af Moira Finucane, Neko Harbour Antarctica 2019 by Scott Portelli

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Foto taget af Moira Finucane, Neko Harbour Antarctica 2019 by Scott Portelli


Moira Finucane’s The Rapture: Art vs Extinction

Party at the Edge of the Abyss

Gothic glamazon, environmental scientist and performance art priestess Moira Finucane unleashes her globally acclaimed apocalyptic dreamscape of art vs extinction. Shapeshifting from beast to human, god to demon, Finucane is a transcendent one woman emporium of spike-crowned, claw-fingered, jewel-encrusted angels of the apocalypse. Commissioned by Mesto Zensk Festival (Slovenia) and Climakaze Festival (Miami), representing Australia at Prague Quadrennial 2019 & winner of the Climakaze Award for outstanding work on climate justice; The Rapture is a treasure lair of hope, extinction, rebellion and a party at the end of times. “revolutionary, provocative and glorious”.????? FARSA Buenos Aires


28. maj 2020 - 31. maj 2020


40 - 165 kr.


1 time og 10 min.



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Serridslevvej 2
2100 København Ø

Instruktør: Moira Finucane
Medinstruktør: Jackie Smith
Lysdesigner: Jennifer Hector
Lyddesigner: Darrin Verhagen
Lyddesigner: Ben Keene
Performer: Moira Finucane
Produktionschef: Fraser Martin
Dramatiker, forfatter: Moira Finucane, co-commissioned by Mesto Zensk City of Women Festival Slovenia & Climakaze Festival Miami
Koreograf: Shinjuku Thief, Rachel Lewindon & popular music from myriad eras