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Beyond Darkness

Beyond Darkness is the artistic cosmos of choreographer Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen and director-dramaturg Nadja Mattioli. Together, we create highly sensorial and experiential realms through immersive performances and ecocentric installations. We view our works as ecosystems in which new human and beyond human perspectives, lives and relationships can be experienced and explored.

Beyond Darkness was born out of our fascination with the dark and exploring what is possible when we create from the unseen and the unknown, allowing our state of being to be entirely transformed and our senses and imagination to be heightened. Thus, we often incorporate complete darkness in our works and create at the verge of fantasy and reality.

We are also curious about the lives and experiences that extend beyond the human and therefore often take inspiration from natural environments and/or engage in multispecies collaborations, like fungi and plants. Ecological care and an appreciation for our interdependence with other species is central to our personal and artistic stories as well as the materials we work with.

Our artistic works are inherently collaborative and cross-aesthetic as our collaborators are professionals from various artistic, scientific and social backgrounds, such as dancers, sound artists, video artists, mycologists, care workers, and more. Together, we aim to inspire new perspectives of the now, collective visions of possible futures, and nurturing symbiotic (artistic) relationships with other-than-human beings, materials and objects.


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